Platinum Plan Package

  • 24 X 7 Resident Monitoring*  
    SOS Button For Distress Calls  
    Two Way Voice Interaction  
    Alert Calls To Emergency Control Room  
    Long Backup Battery Life  
    Body Tempreature Monitor  
    Heart Beat Sensor Monitoring  
    Oxygen Level Monitor  
    InActivity Detection  
    Extra Safety Devices  
    Fall Detection  
    Outdoor Monitoring  
    Wireless Audio Connectivity  
    24 X 7 Call Centre Support  
    Personalized Pattern Analysis  
    24 X 7 Basic Vitals Monitoring & Alerting  
    Daily Activity Reports  
    Weekly Reports  
    Alerts For Abnormal Behaviour  
    24 X 7 Family & Friends Connect  
    Free Door Step Health Check Ups Every Month  
    (Basic Plan)  
    Geo Fencing  
    Full Body Check Up Every 6 Months  
    Step Counting  
    Errand Boy Service (Fortnightly)  
    24 X 7 Technical Support & Device Monitoring  
    Doctor Appointment Fixtures  
    Doctor Appointment Alerts  
    Conceierge Service  
    Dietician Visit (Monthly)  
    Physiotherapist Visit (Monthly)  
    Companion Care Manager  
    Yoga Basic (Two Sessions)  
    Respire Therapies  
    Multi Resident Monitoring

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